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YEA Courtesy Call on the Govenor General

Members of the Young Entrepreneurs Association paid a courtesy call on Governor General His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen. Continuing with its mandate to effect change and better Jamaica’s economic condition, the association received the Governor General’s reaffirmation of his continued support.

The YEA President Fabian Brown (Left-Right), Erica Wynter, Gregory Pearce, Tyrone Wilson and Bronhil Thompson presented His Excellency with an official directory of its membership, in further strengthening the bond between the association and the governor general’s patronage.

Sir Patrick Allen engaged the members in speaking to the challenges facing Jamaicans and Jamaican youth in particular. Skewed priorities and a lack of respect for all areas of employment performed in society were chief among the issues he spoke to.Drawing on his experiences and recounting the esteem with which Jamaicans are held abroad, Sir Allen said as a nation much has been achieved, regionally and internationally, and that we should be proud and carry ourselves as such.
The work of the YEA and its members did not go unnoticed as he lauded their efforts and the impact they are trying to have. Erica Wynter, YEA membership chair, spoke of the outreach activities and other philanthropic activities that the association has been involved in and continues to spearhead. Commending their efforts, Sir Allen says more people should aspire to be as independent and cultivate a sense of entrepreneurship and self-reliance which would facilitate both the society’s growth and its development.
Referencing his “I Believe Initiative” and the YEA’s National Entrepreneurship Week which he proclaimed last year, Sir Patrick Allen stated that are both thrusts in the direction towards progress and national advancement.
Tyrone Wilson, special projects chair explained the concept of this year’s National Entrepreneurship Week which will run from November 20-26, to the governor general. This staging will mark the association’s second and will feature an expo, courtesy call on government ministers, youth outreach and the launch of the association’s own YEA CARES project.
Erica Wynter, membership chair; Bronhil Thompson and Fabian Brown were other YEA members present at the visit.