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The Establishment of the Value Added Foundation


The Value Added Services Foundation is a Non Government Organization with a mission to advance and support youth, community and social development for Jamaica’s marginalized urban and rural communities; with specific focus on children, youths, and the elderly.
In achieving its mission, the Foundation is involved in the design, development and mobilisation of resources to execute pioneering initiatives, projects and programmes for education, empowerment and holistic development. Guided by the philosophy of “a hand up not a hand out”, the Foundation’s vision is therefore to achieve sustainable development for its beneficiaries.
The inception of Value Added Services Foundation is rooted in the philanthropic involvements of the Principals of the organization, which cumulatively spans over thirty years of service in the youth, community and social development sectors.
With lives exemplifying the principles of service above self, the contribution of the VAS team, individually and collectively, has been the driving force in bottom-up community development work in some of Jamaica’s toughest inner-city and rural communities.  
Prior to the formalization of the Foundation, the activities undertaken within these communities were born out of the corporate social responsibility of the five year old registered business Value Added Services which offers consultancy services in the areas of Events Management and Planning, Resource Mobilisation, Workshop Facilitation and Training.
The Foundation is headed by Fabian Brown, a renowned advocate in the social services sector whose experience in social transformation and behaviour modification spans the private, public and NGO sectors. Brown is joined by a team of Associates with equal knowledge and intimate involvements in grassroot development, strategic management, social behavioural change, research, communication, monitoring and evaluation.
The foundation employs an effective and consistent team approach to management with compliance to the principles of "Good Governance "and thus sets itself apart with core values of professionalism, accountability, credibility and quality service.
Track Record
The philanthropic involvement of the principals of Value Added Services span varying levels of community, youth and social development to include the some of the following projects undertaken:
·         Hamwalk School Redevelopment Programme, 2011
The engagement of a comprehensive redevelopment programme for the Hamwalk Primary School which includes the development of the physical school facilities, the recruitment of students and faculty, the provision of educational packages for students, as well as empowerment and support for community members.
·         The Establishment of the Pear Tree Grove Community Youth Council in 2010 with a focus on rebuilding the immediate and adjoining districts through sports. Roles and responsibilities of the principals of VAS included training identified community representatives, structuring the council and designating roles and responsibilities.
·         The engagement of an Agricultural Entrepreneurship Project in 2010 in the districts of Pear Tree Grove through the provision of agricultural products, tools, equipments and supplies as prices/incentives to the youth of the programme; thereby empowering them to transform their lives, create wealth for their families and improve their communities
·         Youth Crime Watch of Jamaica, 2004 - 2008
The establishment of Youth Crime Watch Jamaica (YCWJ) with Fabian Brown, Director of Value Added Services Foundation being the first Chairman of the organisation. YCWJ was aimed at mobilizing youth across Jamaica to be engaged in positive and productive activities that takes them away from crime while fostering positive relations with the police and community at large. This program was born out of former US Ambassador Sue Cobb's Building Bridges Project and maintains affiliation with Youth Crime Watch America.
·         Performing Arts Marching Band Programme– The establishment of a youth empowerment programme in 2002 to mobilize youth of inner-city communities using music and performing arts with the principle of discovering, developing and exposing community talents. The programme aimed to support the holistic development of its participants through training programmes in areas such as environmental health,  HIV AIDS awareness, leadership, responsible sexual behaviour, conflict resolution, financial management and effective communication skills as well as general community building programmes.  
·         Entrepreneurial Training Sessions, 2010-2011
The engagement of a partnership with Bars to Go Training Institute to develop and deliver a 12 week comprehensive and highly interactive training session on the topics of customer service, etiquette and grooming, sales management, business communication tools for effective communication and maintaining effectiveness by keeping professional knowledge current. Participants were selected from the rural and urban inner-city communities as a means of aiding the development of entrepreneurial opportunities and to increase their employability.
·         Rescue Jamaica Inner-city Project, 2008
The engagement of a Community Management and Behaviour Change Modification training to include interpersonal relations, social graces, personal grooming and development in the communities of Maxfield. This was done in partnership with the National Housing Trust for their Inner-city Housing Project.  
·         International Volunteer Programme in support of rural and urban community development. International volunteers are recruited trained and placed with specific projects geared towards personal and community development in accordance with their skill sets, social interests and age range. Recognition of the Foundation’s Director Fabian Brown and his sterling service in this capacity was acknowledged by the Canadian Government who selected him as a recipient of the inaugural “Making a Difference Award” for outstanding service to Jamaica and Canada.
·         Police Civic Association of South St. Andrew
The establishment of the Association and active involvement in the execution of its mission to support and promote peace building and civic partnerships.
·         Engagement of a disaster mitigation and preparation initiative in the inner-city communities of South St. Andrew through partnership with Catholic Relief Services. This resulted in the establishment of the Rangers Project, a youth empowerment project engaging the use of education to promote care for the environs of the communities, in order to mitigate the impact of natural disasters as well as responding to the needs of the vulnerable during and after the disaster.