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The New Accident & Emergency Unit and Ambulance Services

As Value Added Services (VAS) continues to grow, it now embarks upon one of its greatest projects, the management and operation of the Nuttall Accident and Emergency Unit and Ambulance Services.
As the former Executive Director of St. Joseph’s Hospital, 2003-2009 and St. Patrick’s Foundation, Brown’s organizational and strategic management skills were honed with extensive transformational processes that led to the re-birth of both institutions with a focus on increasing productivity and efficiency while creating a shared, defined and robust view of the imperatives for change and performance requirements. Under his leadership saw the re-birth of an institution through active alliances with local and international partners in Canada, U.S. and the Caribbean St. Joseph’s Hospital became the first private hospital in Jamaica offering comprehensive healthcare complete with a health and wellness centre as well as independent and assisted living facilities. St. Patrick’s blazed the trail in the social services sector, under Brown’s leadership with a focus on combating poverty through Resource Centers offering skills training, education, community formation, clinics and/or health empowerment (i.e. HIV Aids) and conflict and crime watch programmes.
Fabian has diligently worked to forge alliances and partnerships in Curacao, New York, Washington, Miami, and other cities across the U.S., as well as in cities such as Peterborough, Toronto, Cobourg, and Kingston in Ontario, Canada, and UK (Christian aid) to address the struggles of Jamaica’s inner-city communities. Key among the support provided through his alliance with the Canadian groups include Medical Mission programmes that seek to provide healthcare to impoverished members of rural and inner city communities.
It is no surprise therefore that VAS has engaged the Nuttall Memorial Hospital to enter into a SMART partnership that has granted it the opportunity to manage and operate the Accident and Emergency Unit on the property which has been out of commission for quite some time. The essence of the partnership creates a mutually beneficial synergy that supports both entities in their quest to promote health and wellness value within the Jamaican health sector. Through the VAS operated Nuttall Accident and Emergency Unit and Ambulance Services, the team offers Emergency, Medical and Ambulance Services to individuals, organizations, schools, groups and at sporting events, functions and other gatherings. The unit also provides specialized clinics in Wound Care, Catheter and Men’s Health. The provision of an ambulance service is also a key element of this venture. Adding to the quality of services on offer will be quality service delivery, sure to catapult the Nuttall Accident and Emergency Unit and Ambulance Services as the business of choice.
Health and Wellness Value
VAS through its SMART partnership with the Nuttall Memorial Hospital seeks to advance and support their shared mission of promoting quality private health care for individuals, organizations, schools and groups within its geographical scope and beyond. The need to engage in such a venture stemmed from varying factors from each of the partners. Nuttall Memorial has been without the support of an A&E Unit for quite some time and this has seriously affected the complete care that is available for its clients. This potential support in the establishment and operation of an Emergency Unit was well received and encouraged, not only by Principals of Nuttall but also by the operational staff at the property. For Value Added Services, the need originated from CEO Fabian Brown, who has had extensive experience in the health sector through his involvement at St. Joseph’s Hospital for six years and with the international health partner during the said timeframe. His desire to provide the highest quality service to Jamaica in areas such as Service Standard Training, Communications, Protocol and Logistics and Entertainment Services among others did not fall short of the health sector. The presence of this opportunity to develop a Jamaica as described in Vision 2030 through the provision of quality and affordable healthcare was a “no brainer” not only in satisfying desires of a healthy Jamaica but also as a viable business venture.   
The immediate scope of clientele includes all the organizations, groups, schools and individuals in the greater Kingston Metropolitan region, with a focus on: Cross Roads, New Kingston, Downtown, Liguanea areas. The competitive advantage that this project offers, when compared to other public and private facilities of somewhat similar nature, will be borne out by virtue of its’ geographic placement, affordability, and quality of care, coupled with the innovation in service delivery to be offered.  This will ensure that this business becomes the medical services facility of choice for the target market. The engagements of each category of clients will be specific to the needs of each group. There will not be a generic “one size fits all plan” but instead, in adding value and delivering quality service, tailor our offerings to the requirements of our clients.
This is possible through the wide range of services we offer. These include; Emergency, Medical and Ambulance services with specialized clinics in Catheter, Wound Care and Men’s Health. For categories of clients such as schools and organizations, we offer retainer packages that include medicals, consultations and added health benefits for students and members of staff respectively. We also provide a package which ensures the presence of the Ambulance for all events and functions hosted by our clients; each package being developed will be as detailed and creative as is the need from the clients. The Ambulance Services and all other services are further discounted by the provision of the individual discount cards which each member will receive. This card affords you 12% discount on all services and medical checks and allows friends and family of each card holder a 10% discount.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle
It is important that in embarking on a venture of such magnitude the promotion and marketing strategies employed are effective tools of communicating the information along with generating consumer interest in the product or service. The now traditional mediums of promotion and marketing will be employed to create awareness of the unit, Ambulance Services and other services, which includes the use of social media, print and electronic media, radio and television interviews and advertising and email blasting. Each channel will be aggressively explored to raise awareness of the venture.
Another Marketing tool to be utilized includes the availability of personal packages of delivery and service to the organizations and schools. These will be used to highlight the quality and diversity of service that is available. The aforementioned serve as key elements in ensuring that the promotional health fair, that serves as another marketing opportunity is successful.
The promotional health fair scheduled for the launch and opening of the Accident and Emergency Unit on February 19, 2014 is a key promotional event as the Minister of Health, the Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson will give an address and officially open the unit for operations. The media buzz and attention surrounding same can be capitalized for the success of the unit. Flyers have been distributed on the streets in the surrounding areas, advertising and encouraging persons to be available for an affordable and cost effective opportunity to receive medical checks, nutrition consultations and fitness techniques for a promotional rate of only $500 on the day of the Launch and walk away with a medical discount card.  Below is a copy of the flyer and invitation advertising the launch and opening of the Accident and Emergency Unit and Ambulance Services. On March 20th, a public screening for speech and hearing will be offered in the unit as a day of health and wellness promotion. This project will be supported by a team of international health partners (PRN Relief International) from Yale University and Bridgeport hospital in Connecticut.

Managing Success
The team that supports Fabian Brown on his mission to provide quality healthcare to Jamaica is filled with highly skilled professionals whose desires are to serve the medical and health sector through the abilities of their individual skill sets.
The team of Medical Doctors is led by the Unit’s Medical Director Dr. Winston Isles, who has lent 12 years of service to the medical profession, in the area of Accident and Emergency and with a focus on Sports Medicine, having graduated from the University of The West Indies and University of Exeter in 2002 and 2010 respectively. His many years of experience and dedication to the medical field have solidified him as the key person to oversee and give service in the operations in the Accident and Emergency Unit.
Providing further support to the medical team is Dr. Kevin Mais, also a graduate of the University of the West Indies and the Medical University of Santiago de Cuba. His experience, just under 10 years covers a diverse range of experiences and practices in Accident and Emergency medicine at a number of Medical facilities in the Kingston and St. Catherine areas. His professionalism and level of integrity speak volumes to the quality of service to be delivered from the Unit.
The team is complimented with critical care nurses who are trained in accident and emergency service delivery, peer education and as nursing educators. Their volume of experience, training and service standard appreciation will create the atmosphere of quality healthcare and wellness value the unit seeks to promote.  The team of Emergency Medical Technicians supported by the lead is trained and proficient to handle emergency patient care while delivering exceptional quality service under the most extreme pressures.
In addition to the highly skilled staff, the unit is equipped with a computerized patient management and accounting software that supports the real time ease of access and information flow from receptionist, nurses and the medical doctors who have access to the information from their tablet devices which provide them easy mobility from their offices to the patients’ bedside. The medical unit is also fully furnished with Desktop software for the cashier and nursing staff to effectively and timely execute their administrative responsibilities. The Ambulance also comes fully stocked with all the essential equipment and gears necessary to answer the call and treat with any medical emergency that may arise.
Value Added Services prides itself in providing quality service in innovative and transformational ways and with the addition of Medical Services to the wide of array of talents it has mastered, there promises to be a continued growth and development in the level of innovation and service that is offered as it executes its functions as the managing company for the Nuttall Accident and Emergency Unit and Ambulance Services, promoting health and wellness value within Jamaica.