6 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5
Jamaica, West Indies
Phone: 474-2570/537-8764
Email: value.services@gmail.com


Value Added Services has partnered with Bars to Go Training Institute for 12 weeks commencing March 12, 2011 to develop and deliver a comprehensive and highly interactive training session dubbed "Hospitality 101" for a 60 member group.
This programme is rolled out as Red Stripe's Bartending Academy, based on a partnership with Bars to Go and the HEART Trust NTA.


The classes are conducted each Saturday, on location at Red Stripe with VAS' CEO Fabian Brown as facilitator for the following areas:
·         Providing quality customer service
·         Etiquette & Grooming
·         Putting your best foot forward: Sales Management
·         Effective communication
·         The telephone as a business communication tool
·         Maintaining effectiveness by keeping professional knowledge current